Protecting Newborns in Their Sleep

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A lot of parents, especially new parents, have concerns about their safety of their child when it is sleeping. They worry that something will happen to their baby, and they have probably read horror stories about babies who died in their sleep.

A lot of the ways that parents can protect their children while they are sleeping is simply common sense. They should never be left anywhere that they can roll off of, even if they are too young to start rolling and moving around. It’s hard to predict exactly when a baby will be able to move itself about, and parents should be very careful about where they leave their baby.

The baby should also be kept in earshot, if not in eyesight, at all times. If the baby is sleeping in a separate room, then a monitor should be set up to listen in and perhaps even look in on the baby.

If the parents toss and turn a lot in their sleep, then they should not allow the baby to sleep with them on their bed. Instead, they can set up a separate crib or bed next to their bed to keep the baby close at night. It’s advisable to keep the newborns close anyway, since they often feed in the night.

Most of these are common sense guidelines that many parents know about, even new ones who have not had kids before. But what parents may not realize is that having any kind of bedding in the crib or on the bed with the child is a possible hazard. Doctors and pediatricians alike recommend that no bedding be put in with the child. That means blankets, sheets and pillows should all be left off the bed. The baby can sleep on a flat, soft surface just fine whiteout all that extra padding.

What they could benefit from, whoever, is cozy, wearable blanket or layers of comfortable clothing. Newborn baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes can be very comfortable for the new baby, and they don’t really need anything more than that to sleep with, if the temperature is kept level in the room they sleep in. Parents can visit sites like newborn boy clothes to enjoy some great options for newborn baby clothes, including sleeping options that keep them snuggled up and perfectly warm without the need for bedding.

June 8, 2017

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