Some Useful Diabetes Meal Plan And Ideas

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Diabetes meal should be taken on regular schedule and should be balanced up in terms of variety. Positive Health Wellness This is to ensure good controls of sugar levels in the blood. Do not skip meal because skipping meal may cause low blood sugar in the blood. This also might caused you eat too much in your next meal.

A well-balanced diet should contain protein, fiber, nutrients and limited carbohydrates. Foods with low glycemic index (GI) are also very important in meal planning.

Let see what you should have in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Breakfast is the most important meal in your daily lives whether you have diabetes or not. But the problem is that most people don’t take it seriously. Because of busy life and often rushed in the morning, people tend to skip breakfast or just take a piece of bread or biscuit. Yes, I can understand that, we live in modern society with everything fast and rush.

Due to our busy lifestyle, it is important that you keep foods that can cater your need such as eggs, cheese, bacon, bread toast and fruits. If you want some toppings, you may choose spinach, avocado or even tomato. If you can eat fruits together with high protein foods every morning, you can boost your body’s metabolism.


If you had a heavy breakfast, usually you don’t feel hungry during lunch break. Most people will skip their lunch and let me tell you, this is a big mistake. Never skip lunch no matter how busy you are or even if you don’t feel hungry at all. Sandwiches are simple and easy lunch. Add a lot of veggies on whole wheat bread to make your food healthier.


This is the time for you to take the least meal. Do you ever heard people saying that you eat like a king for your breakfast, eat like a queen during lunch and eat like poor people during dinner time. It means that you eat the biggest portion of your meal during breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner. Breakfast is very important compare to lunch and dinner.

For your dinner, you just need to eat small portion of lean meats and veggies as your main course. Other than that you may want to consider whole grain bread and pasta. Add more fruits and vegetables in your dinner serving especially if you are still hungry.


Do not let yourself starve. Always take healthful snack in between your meals. Take some dry cereals for quick snacks or you may want some fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Any diabetic patient should take proper amount and mixture of food to ensure proper, enough and even segregation of all necessary nutrition to the body.

Drinking water on empty stomach can control diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. This treatment is very famous in Japan and is proven not.

April 13, 2017